Saturday, 1 September 2007

MySQL DB Design Tutorial (Section 4) - Naming Suffixed

This list of postfixes for data element names based on the ISO-11179 Standard

  1. _id = Identifier, it is unique in the schema and refer to one entity anywhere it appears in the schema.
  2. _data or dt = date, temporal dimension.
  3. _nbr or num = tag number; this is a string of digits that names something.
  4. _name or nm = this is an alphabetic name and it explains itself.
  5. _code or _cd = A code is a standard maintained by a trusted source, usually outside of the enterprise.
  6. _size = an industry standard or company scale for a commodity, such as clothing, shoes, envelopes or machine screws.
  7. _tot = sum, an aggregated dimension which is logically different from its parts.
  8. _seq = a sequential numbering.
  9. _tally = a count of values.
  10. _cat = Category
  11. _cls or _class = a class
  12. _type = an encoding that has a common meaning both internally and externally.
  13. The differences among type, class, and category are an increasing strength of the algorithm for assigning the type, class, or category.
  14. The thress terms are often mixed in actual usage.
  15. _status = an internal encoding that reflects a state of being.
  16. _addr or _loc = An address or location for an entity.
  17. _img = An image data type, such as .jpg, .gif, .gif and so forth.

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