Saturday, 15 September 2007

Technology review for this 29 days old blog (section one)

Feed - The feed does look good by using Feedburner, and it reaches the widest possible audience. I am using the rotating highlights (screenshot 1) and the counter (screenshot 2) at the moment.

(screenshot 1)

(screenshot 2)

SnapShot - Without clicking a link, SnapShot can help you to get a general impression of what the page behind looks like. (screenshot 3)

(screenshot 3)

Footer - I made a transparent footer, just trying to improve the usability. If you like it, please read my previous post CSS-Driven Footer.

Google Analytics - It is just too good a web monitoring tool to miss. It tells you absolutely everything about site traffic (a sample report as shown in screenshot 4). If you not using it, better give it a try. (Click here to start)

(screenshot 4)

Motigo - Another useful web statistics tool, and it provides some interesting reports, like a page-view-per-hour report shown in screenshot 5:

(screenshot 5)

I will write the second part later :-)

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