Saturday, 8 September 2007

AJAX & Web 2.0 Tutorial (Section 5) - Debug & Performance

1. AJAX applications don’t exist in a vacuum, while much of the code can reside on the client, the essence of AJAX applications is the interaction with the server, which necessarily involves load.

2. Debugging AJAX applications can be challenging for a couple reasons, including:
- Browsers suck
- Multiple languages involved
- Development environment probably doesn’t support debuging PHP & JavaScript
- Communication between client and server may notbe visible

3. Debugging Tools

- Firebug - Firefox Extension
(Supports step by step debugging, breakpoints and watches; Handles multiple JavaScript documents concurrently; Gives you somewhat nicer error messages)

- Ethereal/Wireshark (Industry standard tool for packet sniffing)
-Live HTTP Headers and HTTP Inspector
(built into Komondo, acts as a proxy for requests)
-Yahoo! Logger library (YAHOO.log)

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