Tuesday, 28 August 2007

My Early Morning

Right Now, 6:00am UK time, I am sitting in front of my big laptop and reading the blog traffic report on google Analytics. I created this blog on 16th this month, and now I am really into it, just love what I am doing now. It literally becomes part of my life...

A brief summary: 358 visits with 1830 page views in 11 days, although the bounce rate is a bit higher then I expected. I would like to thank digg.com which contributes 39.39% of the site trafic.

Log off google and open my feed report site, 5 subscribers on average and today (not on the graph) I've got 16 subscribers. Exited and thanks for all my dear readers!

Another good news worth pointing out was my blog was approved by blogcatalog yesterday, and the blog score goes up to 32.4 from 30.0 (default). :-)

Now, 6:48 UK time, stepping into my real life.....

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