Thursday, 23 August 2007

Future of Web Apps - Web Industry Event

Future of Web Apps (, the UK's premier web industry event, is returning to London this October.
Highly recommend it, because:

+ The best speakers
You won't see this many leading companies and exciting individual
talent anywhere else in Europe at this price.

+ The best content
Rigorously briefed to talk about ideas and techniques you can take
away and learn from, each speaker will show you how to build and grow
better, stronger apps and sites.

Topics include:
- Community Building
- How to take your app offline
- Smarter client-side development
- Launching a web app
- Making your app social
- Putting users first
- The future of blogging
- Copy as interface
- And lots more!

+ The choice
With three separate tracks on the keynote, developer and entrepreneur stage,
you get to pick and choose what's relevant to you - and we'll make all
the presentations available to you after the show.

+ The facilities
ExCel is the UK's premier conference location - purpose built to offer
you the best all-round experience.

+ The networking potential
Want to be amongst the cream of the UK and Europe's web talent?
You just need to be here. We'll be using two amazing apps, Pathable + CrowdVine,
to help you get the most out of the event.

+ Last but not least, the partying!
Only by booking your FOWA ticket will you have access to the Future of Web Apps Party.
The Revision 3 crew will also be in London to record the very first
episode of diggnation from the UK.

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