Thursday, 2 August 2007

The way I manage my projects

Day-In, Day-Out:

  1. A product backlog of prioritized work to be done;
  2. Completion of a fixed set of backlog items in a series of short iterations or sprints;
  3. A brief daily meeting, at which progress is explained, upcoming work is described and impediments are raised.
  4. A brief planning session in which the backlog items for the sprint will be defined.
  5. A brief retrospective, at which all team members reflect about the past sprint.
Keep In Mind
  1. Customers become a part of the development team.
  2. Frequent intermediate deliveries with working functionality.
  3. Frequent risk and mitigation plans developed by the development team itself.
  4. Daily status discussion with the team.
  5. Transparency in planning and module development.
  6. Workplaces and working hours must be energized. – "Working more hours" does not necessarily mean "producing more output."

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