Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Amazon S3 Makes My Document Management System Easier

Amazon S3 helps me to focus on innovating with data, rather than figuring out how to store it. Each file is stored and retrieved via a unique key which is stored on a DB table, together with its folder name (or associated object id) which fitted well in the document store structure. I am totally free from worrying about where the uploaded files are going to be stored and the safety on the hard-disc level.

Sample PHP code (Please contact me if you want a full copy):

if($s3->createFile($bucket, $key, $filePath, $contentType, $contentLength, $acl, $metadataArray, $md5))
if (!empty($focus->name))
$sql = "INSERT INTO .......";
header("Location: index.php");
} else {
printError($s3->parsed_xml, $s3->responseCode);


Naved said...


I am trying to do the same thing using sqlite3 and ZF. Could you please send me your code, it might help a lot?



jasonsfa98@gmail.com said...

I would like to see the full code too.